Welcome to Zul's personnal page

A Few words about me

On Internet, I'm often called zul. In real life, my name is Arnaud Degroote.
I'm 28 years old, and live in Toulouse, France.
I'm currently employed by CNRS in a robotic department.
You can find more informations on my resume (French only, sorry).

About this pages

I have strong interests in operating system, networking, and robotic. Since my Google Summer of Code in 2006, I am a NetBSD developer. I still contribute a little to this nice project, and I want to share some of my works on this webpage.


As you will probably notice, my web skills are poor. However, the site is valid XHTML 1.1 strict. I have never tested it with Internet Explorer, so if it looks bad with this crap, just use another browser.

You may notice too that my English is not so good (but I train it). Feel free to send me mails about English correction, requests about NetBSD, or this kind of things. My address is degroote at netbsd dot org.